Our funds


Nordic Equities Strategy is a Nordic equity fund with a portfolio of 20-40 companies. The portfolio consists mainly of large-cap and mid-cap companies and is not dependent on a certain geographical or sector diversification. We consider the Nordic countries as a long-term interesting investment area with a wide variation of sectors and companies and a many exporting companies that give growth opportunities in the rest of the world.


Nordic Equities Select is a special fund for risk diversification. The fund consist normally of less than 25 positions and mainly equities. The fund’s holdings are a concentrate of financial instruments that we consider most interesting based on market value and growth potential.  The fund is able to hold a majority of the portfolio in liquid assets.

Nordic Equities Select has a lower volatility than the other funds of the company. An alternative for those who prefer a more focused portfolio with a diversified exposure against the stock market.


Nordic Equities Sweden is an equity fund focused on Swedish companies with a portfolio of 20-40 companies. Sweden has proven to be one of the best stock markets in the world in a longer perspective.


Nordic Equities global Stars is a global equity fund launched 23rd of April 2018. An investment in the fund creates an opportunity to be co-owner of global quality companies with a long-term focus.

By our investment process Outside view, we have identified global investment opportunities within interesting companies and sectors with an exciting outlook within between other technology & media, consumer products, digitalisation/fintech, fashion and health care. By having a global perspective, we can reach new interesting sectors and as a result offer you a diversified portfolio.

General risk information

There is no guarantee that an investment in the Nordic Equities` funds will not result in a loss, even at times when financial markets are otherwise performing favourably. Past performance is no guarantee of future return. The value of the capital invested in the Nordic Equities’ funds may increase or decrease and investors in the Nordic Equities’ funds cannot be certain of recovering all their invested capital.

Please contact us to confirm that your application has been received and complete. For further information, please contact us.