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Lunch presentation with Volvo

By December 3, 2021Client news, News

On November 9, Nordic Equities gathered (for the first time since the start of Covid-19) a group of customers for a physical lunch. We had the pleasure of listening to Christer Johansson, Senior Vice President at Volvo Group investor relations.

The presentation had a consistent focus area which was the major ongoing change in sustainability. The automotive industry is facing big changes where internal combustion engines will go to battery powered vehicles. Volvo has already taken a couple of initiatives to improve their sustainability work, for example initiating collaborations with other large companies such as Samsung SDI to develop sustainable efficient batteries for electric trucks. In addition to the focus on sustainability, some questions about the semiconductor shortage and delivery problems that exist were asked. The answer is that Volvo doesn’t see a major problem with it since the customer demand is spread over a longer period of time and they still see high delivery volumes in the future. Contact us and we will be happy to tell you more!

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