Investment profile

With our historical knowledge, we try to better understand our present time and the future.

At Nordic Equities, we try to be empirical. We consider global and historical relationships based on our investment philosophy; “Outside View”. We try to base our opinion on global and historical data in which our investment theme GURIS (Globalization, Urbanization, Internet, Robotization and Standardization) plays an important role. We study corporate ratios and development of companies from a longer perspective, preferably up to 20 years. We try to avoid wasting time on predicting the unpredictable. We use our historical knowledge to better understand our present time and the future. We study trends and themes but are aware of the difference between hope and reality. 

Based on our extensive selection process, we try to help our long-term customers to invest in healthy, global companies.

Our investment strategy is based on our long experience of financial markets, our international experience, our international network and advisors, our historical knowledge, our academic cooperations and over 30 years of contact with companies. 


The stock market can, as some wise people have expressed it, seem like a transfer machine from those people who are not patient to those who are. Patient to be long-term invested in equities. However, in order to be long-term, investors needs to be able to change the perception of companies. As the well-known economist John Maynard Keynes said to English Prime Minister Winston Churchill, “When facts change, what change do you do, Sir?”

Nordic Equities has designed a manual for our customers in order to describe how we think when we choose companies to invest in. Through the manual, we want our customers to understand what we do and thereby get the right expectations.

For instance, the manual covers:

  • Long-term companies
  • Risk and index
  • The 90–10 rule and predictability 
  • What the US Secretary of Defense wrote to President George Bush on the issue of how difficult it is to predict the future and what the economist John Kenneth Galbraith thought 
  • Long-term investments in quality companies with a historical perspective
  • Outside view
  • Our investment philosophy,or “we try to predict the predictable instead of wasting time predicting the unpredictable”
  • Corporate DNA
  • Organic growth and acquisitions
  • What kind of companies and industries we like and our investment theme GURIS

Future trends and GURIS

Globalization, Urbanization, Robotization, Internet and Standardization

Artificial Intelligence