Exchange and scholarships

Nordic Equities has for the past 15 years been working closely with Stockholm University School of Business. We regularly arrange lunch presentations with company representatives where students are welcome to attend. Jonas Jakobson is also a frequent guest lecturer and author of the book “Investeringsstrategier – från Rom till New York: i ett historiskt perspektiv”, which is also used as course literature at the university.

Exchange and scholarships

NE Award

Nordic Equities Award was introduced 1998 and was first awarded in the fall of 1999. The prize is offered annually for the best essay or thesis in the field of finance, to students enroled at Stockholm University School of Business.
Three finalists are given the opportunity to present their essays. The prize winner is chosen by Jonas Jakobson, founder of Nordic Equities, together with representatives from Stockholm University School of Business.
In 2013, the prize was awarded to Ms Mia Davidsson and Ms Eva Liljestrand for the essay “Women on the Board of Directors”.

In 2013, the prize was awarded to Mia Davidsson and Eva Liljestrand for their essay ”Women on the Board of Directors”.
In 2013, the prize was awarded to Ms Acelya Yalcin, Ms Mathilda Holst and Ms Rosy Nsimba Mafuta for their company “Sister Care”.
Exchange and scholarships

Fam. J.Jakobsons foundation

Fam J. Jakobsons foundation was formed to encourage young people to initiate and implement entrepreneurial projects. The foundation also aims to support research and development in the field of economic history, history of humanity, development and/or investment.
Every other year a scholarship is awarded to one or several high school students who have created a company or a project, engaging others. The initiative can be both social and commercial in nature. The foundation thus encourages both profit focused and social enterprises and projects, for instance aimed at preventing school vandalism or fostering cultural diversity. Irrespective of focus; it is the industry, engagement and creativity of the student that is rewarded.